Shipping & Returns

How is the whole process of buying?

  • To order (buy) on the site of goods and services, as well as to obtain a discount card from you must be registered with a valid contact information;
  • You choose the item and size, and then put it in a basket;
  • By placing an order;
  • Supplier of the goods or services you linked to refine the data and confirm the order, after negotiate the delivery time (also possible Pickup);
  • On the appointed day and time courier brings the goods, you check it, and if all of the above specifications goods online - pay.

The terms of delivery and the percentage discount, as well as the warranty on the goods and services provided by the Supplier can be found on our website in the location selected from the category corresponding to suppliers of goods or services.

Payment orders.

Payment in Turkmenistan:

Your order you can get about 1-2 days in any city in Turkmenistan.

Shipping is done by "courier". In this case, the time and conditions are set by courier delivery - Supplier. Pay for your order upon receipt, verification of compliance and the number of ordered goods.

Payment in Ashgabat:

Orders are delivered for a period specified by the Supplier of goods and services in the section of the site.

Payment is made in cash to the courier upon receipt of the order. Pay after checking that the quality and authenticity of the product.

Pickup by the customer:

You can pick up the goods yourself on those contact details of suppliers of goods.

Shipping cost orders:

Delivery by courier Turkmenistan - the prices and conditions check with the supplier.

Delivery by courier Ashgabat - the prices and conditions check with the supplier.

Pickup - Free

Payment methods:

You can pay by any convenient for you way:

1. Cash

2. Enumeration (soon to be available)

* If you have any questions about terms of payment, purchase and delivery of the goods, please contact us by e-mail at: