New! Vertical blinds with photo printing.

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New! Vertical blinds with photo printing.

Photo-blinds - blinds on which it inflicted drawing, logo or picture of the customer. Any photo by the customer can be printed on the vertical blinds made of synthetic textile materials.

We want you to discover the secret of the popularity of photo-blinds among customers, among other things, it is quite simple. Photo printing on blinds decorate any interior, with harmoniously fit into it and give a certain piquancy. It all depends on your artistic preferences. Thanks to them, you can make the room of his house individual.
For offices and business centers, photo-blinds are not only an aesthetic burden, but also allow to advertise a particular product or service. Thanks to photo-blinds, each company can create a single and unique corporate identity, for example to order blinds with the logo, which is remembered by customers.

Set photo blinds today, you do not have to think about replacing them for a long time.

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An effective promotional tool for your business!

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