Show-concert "Colorful notes of a child's soul-2"

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Show-concert "Colorful notes of a child's soul-2"

We invite you and your children to the next show-concert called "Colorful notes of a child's soul-2". The concert will feature favorite songs from cartoons and children's movies.

The host of the concert: Rovshan Nepesov.
Performers: Selbi Annadurdyeva, Marika Mamedova, Alexander Kochetov, Kakadjan Khaldurdyev and others.

Place: concert hall "Turkmenistan"
Date and time of event: 
23.04.2017 at 12:00 
For more information call: 
(+99312) 47-15-70, (+99364) 03-49-70, (+99364) 05-53-30.

Adres ve İletişim Bilgileri:

str. Oguzhan, 13, tel. (99312) 94-09-58/74